The Wedding Film of Moira and Jason

Directed by Carmela

For most of us, it's that false tip that we are never ever enough.

For most of us, it's that heartbreak that makes us feel incapable of loving once again.

For most of us, it's the pain, it's the insecurity, it's the sensation of simply wishing to give up on love.

But then, you 'd have that nudging feeling, of God informing you to never ever fear; because after all …

Love does not fear.
There is no worry in love.

Jason and Moira's story is simply among God's most stunning suggestions that He doesn't weary of reminding us of our worth. He doesn't give up on us even if we do, on ourselves. In Jason's words, it's all however "grace"– Moira was never what he should have however God gave, in the end.

It's that pushing sensation. It's that whisper in your ear telling you to try a little bit more, to hope a bit more and pray about it a bit more. And we all believe in magic– however, it's really just us having a little faith.

Years and years of making videos for each and every with the most lovely and distinct romance– and yet here we are, once again, totally floored similar to Day 1. Thank you for making us part of this process of "thinking again", Jason and Moira. All the very best of love from us to you.

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