What Men Need from Their Wives

Men are biologically programmed to be hunters. They identify what they want and they go after it, no matter how difficult the pursuit. Maybe he went through a lot to attract her attention.

Successful hunters are winners – they target and win the prey. While today’s guy is more likely to run to the deli for sandwiches before the game than to hunt down a wild boar for sandwich meat, there’s still the primitive need to win.

That’s what men need from their wives, they need to win. Do they need to win every argument? Not necessarily. And men don’t need to always be right, but they do need to feel like winners.

If a wife expresses confidence and trust in her husband, he feels like a winner. If she puts him down, he feels like a loser. He can say it doesn’t matter what she says, but it really does matter to him a lot.

Men also need space. Early in a relationship, that can seem like he’s pulling away, but he’s just being a guy. She can cuddle for hours on a chilly afternoon, but he wants to spend a few hours in smelly overalls out fishing with friends.

So let him have his time for hobbies, sports or hanging out with the guys. You can bet he’ll brag about you to his friends whose wives may not be as smart as you are about what a man needs.

Your man also needs for you to be his friend as well as his lover. He wants to think that he can talk to you about anything without being criticized or judged. If you built a great friendship before marriage, he desperately doesn’t want to lose your friendship.

You have interests in common on which your friendship was based, so never let those things go after the wedding.  Women think that all men want is sex, and that’s certainly high on their priority list.

It’s not that he requires you to look like a supermodel when you’re with him. How beautiful you are isn’t the point. The thing that will please your husband is that you took the time and made the effort to look good for him.

Too often, husbands and wives get into a way of thinking that says, “I’ll give him what he wants after he starts giving me what I want.” The relationship comes to a standstill. Make the effort to give your spouse what he needs and then you’ll find that your needs are being met in return.

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