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Where do you surf online when you are looking for a site having nice, elegant brides? This may sound trivial but in the world of weddings, the bride wearing the gown mean as much as the gown itself so you should definitively give a visit on

When you’re logging online to make friends in the same boat you are in, you have to consider this powerhouse community – – eventhough some brides have complained that Knot brides are not very welcoming to those new to the nuptial arena.

If you delve deeper in to the site, you’ll see that although brides have few flame wars, there’s a diverse audience, and enthusiasm that overflows from thread to thread. However, you also do find what you need. They showcase items for sale and tools you can use to plan your wedding.

No matter if a wedding community appeals to you or you’re a bride logging on for information rather than camaraderie, then you’ll enjoy what The Knot has to offer.

Bridal supremacy isn’t an idea that has only one winner – whether it’s between wedding websites or the brides themselves. Each one has its own unique point of view, and a battle between and others doesn’t serve to better the wedding societies online – because every bride can take what they need or want from each site and apply it to their own wedding planning strategy.

If you’re a bride considering whether to engage in discussions with brides at, make sure you keep your cool and don’t get mired in the immature antics of a few spoiled apples. Planning a wedding is stressful enough – you don’t need meaningless disagreements to ruin this special time in your life.

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