Wedding Guestbook – Your Signature Not Wanted!

Let’s get real, ladies – sometimes you just don’t like some people.  And on your wedding day, you sure don’t want to have someone lined up to sign your wedding guestbook who makes your skin crawl. 

But how do you tactfully go about not inviting such a buffoon?  And what about those clueless idiots who assume they’re invited and start talking to you about showing up?  Have you resigned yourself to the fact that their signature will be one of the ones in your wedding guestbook – or are you going to do something about it? 

Professional wedding planners often work with brides who make them the bad guy.  Most don’t mind. They know it’s difficult to un-invite a guest or tell them they’re not invited without breaking down in tears because the bride has enough stress on them already without worrying about who’s going to be showing up and signing the wedding guestbook.

But when you stroll down the aisle, when you dance at your reception, you should only be surrounded by those who make you happy.  If that means not inviting the boss, or telling your mom’s best friend of 30 years she’s not going to be able ruin your day by signing in one line 21 of your wedding guestbook, so be it! 

Some brides have to sit down with their parents and explain that their best friends, acquaintances, or neighbors aren’t going to be receiving an invitation.  The mother of the bride might be disappointed, but they should stand by your decision on who you want signing in to your wedding guestbook.

If anyone scolds you about who won’t be putting pen to paper on your wedding guestbook, just say, “This is my day and I really don’t want people there who I don’t feel very close to.” 

If you want to take the soft way out, you can always claim it’s just a small affair – immediate family only.  But what if it isn’t?  What if every man, woman, and child within a 100-mile radius is coming but the person who makes your skin crawl?  Will you cave and look back on your wedding guestbook 20 years from now and see their name in print?   Don’t do it.  Be a bride with guts.  This is your one day where everything should be about you – your non-invited guests can nurse their wounds at home with a tub of Ben and Jerry’s and maybe they’ll correct the behavior that leads other people to not want them included in their wedding guestbook.

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