Wedding Favors – No Longer One Size Fits All

Traditionally, brides and grooms would buy single favors to distribute to all of their guests.  But ordering a silver wine stopper when some guests don’t drink alcohol, for instance, doesn’t make sense.

That means you get limited as to which favors you buy.  Usually, you’re relegated to the almonds or candles – the one size fits all type of gift. But most brides today want to be unique with their favors and gifts. 

It’s your special day, but you also want to cater to the tastes of those helping you celebrate. You may even have children attending the wedding – and many companies now offer novelty items geared to younger guests, such as a Frisbee or activity book that act as great wedding favors.

One great thing about wedding favors today is that personalization has become very affordable.  So you can individualize your wedding favors and personalize them to each guest, depending on your budget and time constraints.

Wedding favors today range from elegant and traditional, such as porcelain trinket boxes to the fun and whimsical – like Frog Tealights or Country Cow Candles. As a bride, you have endless choices as to the style and color of your wedding favor containers. 

Whether your motif is pear green or orange cream, you can find wedding favor boxes and bags to match your wedding hues. You can find wedding favors that range from cheap and plentiful to expensive and more rare.

Some of the most popular wedding favors today are bottle stoppers, candles, photo albums, and glass coasters. Even edible wedding favors like chocolate dipped Oreos, fortune cookies, or exquisitely decorated caramel apples are gaining in popularity. So don’t get stuck in the old mindset of having to please all of your guests with one wedding favor choice – you have the option of diversifying your selection to please a wide range of tastes – while staying within your budget boundaries!

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