Wedding Days are Full of Emotional Brides and Grooms

days are one of those special days that stay with you forever. Emotional brides and grooms are a part of any day. Feelings overflow as the happy couple heads for the church altar.

Emotional brides and grooms often feel scared about the prospect of marriage and feel nervous about standing in the church saying their vows knowing all their family and friends are looking on.

The feelings start long before the actual ceremony.  You can find emotional brides and grooms who get teary-eyed whenever a tuxedo commercial comes on or they see an ad for David’s Bridal boutique.

For some of the emotional brides and grooms, the feelings they have can ruin the day because it can be too overwhelming. Some even suffer panic attacks at the thought of saying, “I do” in a crowded room.

Although you want to keep the happiness flowing and make it a day to remember, you have to know how to control those emotions that can pull you down when you least expect it.

If you feel anxiety or nervous on your big day, remember to take time to collect your thoughts and take deep breaths – something many emotional brides and grooms forget to do.

Controlling yourself can be difficult, but if you take the time to compose yourself in those moments when your heart skips a beat for reasons of fear instead of passion, you can truly make your wedding into the special day that you dreamed of.

You may be scared, you may feel anxious, but when you say, “I do” it will all go away as your love flows deep in your heart.  And don’t worry if the tears accompany your feelings – guests expect to see emotional brides and grooms at a wedding service.

Take the memories of your special day away with you and cherish them always, because this is a day of celebration of the love you have for your partner. 

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