Wedding Date Dilemma – Marrying a Military Man on Leave for the Holidays

If you’re one of the thousands of women engaged to a military man, you may be faced with an unusual dilemma – the inability to preplan your wedding date too far in advance.

What’s worse is that many of our soldiers serving in Iraq and other places around the globe only come home for the holidays – a time when wedding guests might want to be celebrating with their own clan on your exact wedding date. 

As the bride and hostess, you want to take your guests into consideration.  But ultimately, if you don’t want to wait until your soon-to-be groom is retired from the armed forces, you may have some tough decisions to make regarding your wedding date. 

If your fiancé is home over the Christmas holidays, you might be trying to decide how a wedding date close to Christmas or close to New Years will affect your guest list. Look at it from the other person’s point of view. 

The days leading up to Christmas are usually quite hectic for many people.  There are last-minute gifts to buy, meals to plan and purchase, and trees to pick out and trim.   So a wedding date right before Christmas may be more of a burden than a blessing for many guests to consider, especially if they’re coming in from out of town. 

A wedding date close to New Years, however is more flexible.  The most people usually do to get ready for New Years is buy a new outfit and determine which party they plan to attend.  Even if they attended your wedding on the 28th or 29th, there’s still plenty of time to fly home and get ready for New Years without interruption.  

Another thing to consider in regards to your wedding date is that on New Years, many wedding guests will be spending time with friends and acquaintances.  But the Christmas holiday is geared more towards close family, so your guests won’t mind missing a New Year’s celebration as much as a Christmas get-together, if they plan to fly in and stay over the New Year’s holiday. 

Your job as the bride and groom is to first take your own marriage plans into consideration.  If you can only get married December 22nd, and your fiancé is set to re-deploy right after Christmas, then you may have to choose a wedding date where you celebrate with fewer guests.  Although heart-wrenching, your guests will understand and support your decision. 

Or, if you’ve always dreamed of having the perfect wedding with everyone involved, you may have to postpone your wedding date – but do so with the knowledge that you can’t predict your fiancé’s military future with the ability to pinpoint a wedding date in advance. 

Another vital consideration for women engaged to a military man – look into wedding insurance.  You never know what world events may turn your fiancé’s leave upside down and cause your wedding date to be postponed without your knowledge far enough in advance to work out a deal with vendors – and you don’t want to lose your deposits.  

Look to your future wedding date with excitement and joy knowing you’ll soon have the honor of marrying an honorable military man!  Try not to get stressed about who will or won’t be able to attend.  The life the two of you have chosen is certain to be filled with unexpected twists and turns in scheduling and this is the first of many planning decisions you’ll face. 

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