Wedding Cake Tastes – Selecting a Tempting Taste to Please Every Palette

A wedding cake no longer has to be the sickly-sweet concoction of the past. Whether you have a penchant for pineapple or papaya, you can select a wedding cake flavor that will please and delight you and your wedding guests. 

If you’re planning to choose a wedding cake that’s out of the ordinary, begin with the taste. You may be surprised to find that you’ll have a plethora of delightful and unusual flavors from which to choose. 

Also consider the theme of your wedding when selecting your wedding cake. If you’re having an island wedding, go with the tastes and temptations of the island – coconut, mango, and pineapple are just a few. 

You can even choose a wedding cake made of towering Krispy Kreme donuts – if you have a great sense of humor. Believe it or not, it’s been done before at a trade show for Jewish weddings when the donut maker created Kosher Krispy Kreme concoctions.

Before you arrive at the “wedding cake tasting party” that the caterer will happily stage for you, convey your taste preferences. If you don’t really know what you want – only that it be different, let them know what your theme is – or your favorite cake flavor.

Don’t forget to select a unique flavor for your groom’s cake. You can get funky and creative by breaking away from traditional chocolate or spice flavors. Simply continue the theme or favorite flavor criteria that you used for the wedding cake.

Cutting the wedding cake is usually the final act in the celebration of your wedding day. If it tastes unique and delectable, your guests will leave the festivity with a fond memory.

Whether you choose a traditional taste for your wedding cake or decide to reflect the theme or place of the wedding, it should be the flavor that you, as a prefer and enjoy.

Choose wisely … remember, you’ll be tasting it again a year later at the celebration of your first wedding anniversary!

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