Post Wedding Festivity Ideas

If you go to many different countries or look at many different cultures you will see a wide variety of different post wedding festivity ideas. In the UK, people tend to have a sit down meal after the wedding, followed by a disco with and lots of alcohol where people tend to overindulge.

In Bulgaria it follows a similar line, but there is a lot more tradition involved and the post wedding festivity ideas dictate that alcohol is replaced with a lot of traditional dancing.

Look at traditional weddings from around the world and see if any of the traditional post wedding festivity ideas might interest you. An example is Greece where they have a traditional dance that involves a lot of plate smashing.

Why not hire a band or dancers to entertain the guests and give your guests something to talk about? One wedding involved people dancing with the cake and one of the ushers had to dance up to the person with the cake and try and steal the cake from them – unusual post wedding festivity ideas are often off-the-wall!

You may want to choose a theme to your evening festivities. A lot of the celebrities choose to post wedding festivity ideas where they theme their receptions to make it more interesting and to give the guests an interactive part in the wedding.

Maybe you will want to make the first dance even more special with balloons falling from above as you kiss at the end. Some post wedding festivity ideas occur right as the party is winding down.

One suggestion for post wedding festivity ideas to make a special time at the end of the meal to go around to each table and thank everyone individually. Visiting each guest at their table is practiced in a lot of cultures where the gift received is normally money. The bride and groom visit each table and say their thank you as they are passed envelopes full of money.

There is an endless array of post wedding festivity ideas you can use to make your wedding party one to remember. It doesn’t just have to follow the normal process of a meal and a dance – it can be full of innovative ideas to keep everyone amused until it’s time to say goodnight.

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