Jack-N-Jill Wedding Favors

Once upon a time men had bachelor parties full of alcohol and scantily clad women, and women had showers where they invited their friends and received gifts. Today times have changed and some of the women and men of this world hold a joint shower and hand out Jack-n-Jill wedding favors.

When arranging a co-ed party like this, it’s always good to remember to have Jack-n-Jill favors for the guests, which are normally a small gift like a box of chocolates or sugar almonds.

Jack-n-Jill favors are a way of giving a keepsake to symbolize the sharing of your special day. A lot of people see them as an extra special something they can cherish about the evening’s festivities.

Favors are also a way of thanking a guest for the wedding present they give you, and in many countries different variations of favors are given as a way of acknowledging the gift received and thanking the person who has given it, or the as the case may be with a co-ed Jack-n-Jill party.

A lot of people who hold Jack-n-Jill showers make their favors personalized so guests can remember the evening and everything it was about. You can now get personalized chocolate wrappers, mint tins, cosmetic bags, honey jars and even tea bags if that’s your choice.

It’s always good to think about making your Jack-n-Jill favors work with the theme of your party. For example, it would be strange for a visitor to receive a personalized box of tea bags if your party theme is sexy lingerie.

If you are wishing to spend a little more on your Jack-n-Jill party guests, you can always make a favors box. In the favors box you can put a few little things like sugared almonds, some chocolates, a personalized gift and anything else that you think your guests will appreciate.

Things used to be different with brides being surprised with showers and bachelorette parties, but these days the brides and grooms normally arrange this themselves. If the arranges the Jack-n-Jill parties themselves, it means they can make the day as they wish, inviting those they want with them, and offering the favors of their own choice.

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