How Good Are Fake Ranunculus Wedding Bouquets?

We know artificial flowers have improved by leaps and bounds over the years but how do fake ranunculus wedding bouquets stack up against the competition?  Ranunculus (a member of the buttercup family) are only available in winter and spring so many brides to be are opting for fake ranunculus wedding bouquets.

Today the bouquets are made from silk and, although the quality can vary, they can be quite realistic. There are many pros to choosing fake ranunculus wedding bouquets. They are durable and you can prepare them many months in advance.

You have a lasting memento of your special day, you won’t have flowers that may start to wilt or lose their petals and because ranunculus are very seasonal you will save a lot of money out of season when they become very expensive.

The cons to choosing fake ranunculus wedding bouquets are that when ranunculus are in season, the fake bouquets are not going to be much cheaper (for a beautiful looking one).

Also, if you are going to have photos taken close up, the fake ranunculus wedding bouquets can photograph poorly and people will clearly see they are not real. If you do decide to use fake ranunculus wedding bouquets then make sure you use a reputable company that provides high quality replicas, because the last thing you want is to receive a bunch of fake flowers that resemble a child’s toy.

You may want to be innovative and try nestling your favourite fake ranunculus wedding bouquet in with real flowers when real ranunculus are out of season so you still get to have them on your wedding day and people will be less likely to know they are fake.

Remember – the flowers are only a small part of the day so they don’t necessarily need to be real.  Flowers can help make your day special or they can cause a lot of stress, so this is why a lot of thought needs to go into your decision on whether to choose real flowers or a fake ranunculus wedding bouquet.

Either way, whatever you decide – fake or real – the most important thing is to enjoy your wedding day and make it a special one you will always remember.

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