TikTok of ‘nightmare’ wedding with performers dressed as shrubbery goes viral

A TikTok filmed at a high-end wedding has gone viral after people have questioned whether the theme of the party was “nightmares”.

On Sunday, Smash Party Entertainment, which describes itself as the “leading entertainment company in New York City,” uploaded a video from a recent Hamptons wedding to the company’s TikTok account, where it has 16,000 followers.

In the video, which is captioned: “A perfect day for a wedding in the Hamptons,” it began by showing the entrance into the reception, which was outdoors and flanked by waitstaff holding trays of beverages.

The camera then panned to a large outdoor pot of flowers off to the side of the entryway, which featured a person dressed in a green bodysuit covered with leaves and a floral headband appearing to wave in the wind.

After walking onto the outdoor dance floor, the TikTok showed a waitress dressed in a pop art inspired costume, complete with painted dots covering their entire body and a yellow wig, who appeared to be offering colourful hand towels.


Behind the woman, a large hedge was positioned on the outskirts of the dance floor, which featured two people also dressed in green bodysuits dancing in front of the shrubbery.

As for the rest of the wedding, a brief glimpse appeared to show an otherwise classic reception, complete with large white tents and a neutral colour scheme.

On TikTok, where the video has been viewed more than 2m times, people have been equal parts horrified and amused by the unexpected details, with many questioning what exactly the theme for the wedding was.

“What in the Hunger Games Capitol…” one person commented, while another said: “What in the Tim Burton is going on here?”

“What the hell is the theme? Nightmares lol,” someone else questioned.

The clip of the wedding also circulated on Twitter, where author and activist Mikki Kendall captioned the video: “Is the theme of this wedding panic attack? I have questions.”

On Twitter, where the wedding video been viewed an additional 94,000 times, people have also questioned why the newlyweds chose the unique decor, with one person writing: “This makes me think that the couple getting married are either Cirque de Soleil performers, or they have lots of money to burn.”

Despite the oddities of the wedding, not everyone was critical, as some people praised the reception for being “interesting”.

“Am I the only one who thought this was so interesting? I love this,” one person commented, while another said: “I actually think this is super neat. Like I also feel incredibly poor but this is still neat.”

While the Hamptons wedding divided viewers, it appears Smash is known for its over-the-top party decor, as a TikTok posted on Earth Day shows another hedge featuring dancers, while one uploaded in 2020 shows “living trees,” or humans dressed as trees, that the party planning company can place around your event.

On its website, the company, which was founded in 2004 and has worked with notable individuals such as Beyoncé and Barack and Michelle Obama, also notes that it gives “new meaning to ‘outside-the-box entertainment’”.

The Independent has contacted Smash Entertainment for comment.

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