wedding vows

Wedding Vows – Does the Word “Obey” Offend You?

One bride told her wedding planner, “Our pastor was going over our vows with us, but when he read the words “obey your husband,” I laughed out loud. He was offended and started on a lecture about how the wedding vows of the church say the...
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wedding negotiations

Wedding Negotiations – Getting What You Want from Vendors

No one wants to extend themselves for an overbearing, demanding person during wedding negotiations. Being a pleasant person implies that you will be a pleasant customer. A surly client will cost them time in handling complaints and making last-minute changes. Besides, how likely is it that...
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wedding favor boxes

Wedding Favors – No Longer One Size Fits All

Traditionally, brides and grooms would buy single wedding favors to distribute to all of their guests.  But ordering a silver wine stopper when some guests don’t drink alcohol, for instance, doesn’t make sense. That means you get limited as to which wedding favors you buy.  Usually,...
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I do wedding day

Wedding Days are Full of Emotional Brides and Grooms

Wedding days are one of those special days that stay with you forever. Emotional brides and grooms are a part of any wedding day. Feelings overflow as the happy couple heads for the church altar. Emotional brides and grooms often feel scared about the prospect of...
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