13 Unusual Wedding Traditions From Around the World

Couples across the globe show their love and commitment in many different ways, as these wedding traditions around the world prove. Credit: Luwadlin Bosman via Unsplash Love is a universal language, but all across the globe there are different ways of showing it. Some wedding traditions...
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wedding vows

Wedding Vows – Does the Word “Obey” Offend You?

One bride told her wedding planner, “Our pastor was going over our vows with us, but when he read the words “obey your husband,” I laughed out loud. He was offended and started on a lecture about how the wedding vows of the church say the...
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Marrying a Military Man

Wedding Date Dilemma – Marrying a Military Man on Leave for the Holidays

If you’re one of the thousands of women engaged to a military man, you may be faced with an unusual dilemma – the inability to preplan your wedding date too far in advance. What’s worse is that many of our soldiers serving in Iraq and other...
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wedding drama

Wedding Drama – Keep Your Emotions in Check

A wedding is an emotional event for everyone involved. The bride, groom, families, and your wedding party will all have feelings and opinions on everything from the guest list to the reception, creating ample opportunity for wedding drama to unfold. Even you yourself my have inner...
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wedding negotiations

Wedding Negotiations – Getting What You Want from Vendors

No one wants to extend themselves for an overbearing, demanding person during wedding negotiations. Being a pleasant person implies that you will be a pleasant customer. A surly client will cost them time in handling complaints and making last-minute changes. Besides, how likely is it that...
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wedding tossing bouquet

Wedding Flowers – Can You Go Real Without Going Broke?

It’s amazing how much some brides are willing to pay for their wedding flowers. If you’re watching pennies, flowers can make a huge gash in your budget – especially if you don’t use seasonal wedding flowers.  Have you ever attended a wedding where the bride and...
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wedding gowns

Why Women Love David’s Bridal

David’s Bridal is synonymous with wedding gowns and other apparel, and they have become known as the most successful retailer of bridal wears in America. David’s Bridal was started in the 1950s and now commands over 300 stores throughout the United States, Canada, México, Puerto Rico...
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wedding guestbook

Wedding Guestbook – Your Signature Not Wanted!

Let’s get real, ladies – sometimes you just don’t like some people.  And on your wedding day, you sure don’t want to have someone lined up to sign your wedding guestbook who makes your skin crawl.  But how do you tactfully go about not inviting such...
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I do wedding day

Wedding Days are Full of Emotional Brides and Grooms

Wedding days are one of those special days that stay with you forever. Emotional brides and grooms are a part of any wedding day. Feelings overflow as the happy couple heads for the church altar. Emotional brides and grooms often feel scared about the prospect of...
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beautiful bride

Wedding Planning For Everyone

Where do you surf online when you are looking for a site having nice, elegant brides? This may sound trivial but in the world of weddings, the bride wearing the gown mean as much as the gown itself so you should definitively give a visit on...
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