Couple caught holding their wedding at empty $5.7m mansion they passed off as their own

A couple had the police called on what was meant to be their wedding after they invited their guests to a mansion they falsely claimed was their own. Courtney Wilson and Shenita Jones recently posted invitations online for their wedding, which they said would take place...
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Woman wears her wedding dress to get vaccinated

A woman made sure she was able to wear her wedding reception for a special occasion – even after her wedding was cancelled due to the ongoing pandemic. Sarah Studley, from Baltimore, Maryland, married her husband Brian Horlor in a civil ceremony in November after getting...
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Best wedding outfits for women to wear this summer

Getting an invite to a friend’s or family member’s wedding in the post is one of the best things that will come through your letterbox. However, with it comes a whole host of planning, but obviously not quite as much as the couple getting hitched… There’s...
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wedding kiss - A woman wants to be the focus of her man's interest

What Women Want Most from Their Husbands

What a girl wants is the easiest, least expensive gift a guy rarely thinks to give. It’s not from the jewelry store or the luxury car dealer. It doesn’t involve lingerie or even designer shoes. And no, it’s not about chocolate, truffles or cheesecake. What do...
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bride and groom - wife and husband

What Men Need from Their Wives

Men are biologically programmed to be hunters. They identify what they want and they go after it, no matter how difficult the pursuit. Maybe he went through a lot to attract her attention. Successful hunters are winners – they target and win the prey. While today’s...
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wedding favor boxes

Wedding Favors – No Longer One Size Fits All

Traditionally, brides and grooms would buy single wedding favors to distribute to all of their guests.  But ordering a silver wine stopper when some guests don’t drink alcohol, for instance, doesn’t make sense. That means you get limited as to which wedding favors you buy.  Usually,...
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wedding diet

Wedding Diets – Is Trying to Fit Into that Wedding Dress Turning You Into Bridezilla?

There’s a common problem many brides have when the engagement has happened and it’s time to get ready for the big day – dieting.  You may be a seasoned pro at dieting, or a novice, but one thing’s for certain – nobody likes wedding diets.  Eating...
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wedding cake

Wedding Cake Tastes – Selecting a Tempting Taste to Please Every Palette

A wedding cake no longer has to be the sickly-sweet concoction of the past. Whether you have a penchant for pineapple or papaya, you can select a wedding cake flavor that will please and delight you and your wedding guests.  If you’re planning to choose a...
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2021 wedding trends: Everything you need for a low-key celebration

The coronavirus pandemic has pressed pause on the wedding industry for much of this year, prompting more than 200,000 couples to postpone or cancel their big days, while others have made the most of the situation by staging virtual weddings over Zoom. But it seems things...
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‘What the hell, let’s have fun’: How the Indian wedding industry is adapting to coronavirus

The wedding that Liza Maria had carefully planned was not one but two ceremonies: one at a church and one in a Sikh temple, a nod to her interfaith love story. The revelries would span days. There would be elaborate choreographed dances, music recitals – and...
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