Wedding dress considerations

Wedding Dress Considerations

When he first pops the question, most women immediately have a vision in their minds of how they’ll look as they stride down the aisle.  You may have planned your dream wedding dress since you were five – or maybe you’re panicked thinking about what to...
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wedding diet

Wedding Diets – Is Trying to Fit Into that Wedding Dress Turning You Into Bridezilla?

There’s a common problem many brides have when the engagement has happened and it’s time to get ready for the big day – dieting.  You may be a seasoned pro at dieting, or a novice, but one thing’s for certain – nobody likes wedding diets.  Eating...
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wedding day

Don’t Forget It’s Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day was meant to be the one true day where the world revolves around you – at least that what we grow up thinking, imagining the whole Cinderella ball with our dream dress and Prince Charming. Unfortunately, what often happens is a bride allows...
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